!talk to me!

TOTALLY 100% NSFW~~~have fun :)

Hi I'm pansexual, you can call me what you want ;)
I like to be a girl at home, a boy when not.
I'd like to find someone who is okay with that.

ask me anything! <3

ermerged big derrrb

to any of my followers who are also fellow festie goers and ravers.
i have a spare ticket to big dub this year if any one is interested in meeting me and maybe camping with me so I’m not there by myself with absolutely no one i know.  

possibly can hook ya up with a ride if you’re between vabeach and four squares PA.

ticket was 140. 

coffee-colored-hair-deactivated asked: omg it really has been months! but the important thing is you are ok

eh, I’m far from okay, i came back to tumblr because all of you make me happy and feel loved and all ^^

trans-girlsandsuch asked: Liked the edgy gun pic you have. Want to play it out sometime?

hmm. who’s gonna be on their knees though?  >’O’>  ~c===8